I’m 22, And I’m A Committed Monogamist


How often do you find someone willing to jump into a long-term relationship from the start? Not often—and with all of these articles circulating on the Internet about how twenty-somethings should date multiple people and randomly make out with strangers as part of their New Years Resolution, a proponent for serious relationships among young people is quite rare.

I am a 22-year-old college senior. My boyfriend and I began exclusively dating the second month of my first year and are still together after three and a half years. I’m a committed monogamist.

Young adulthood is a designated period in every person’s life that consists of adventure, curiosity, big dreams and a lot of different people. Serious relationships are not one of the trendy items on a young person’s bucket list, and for plenty of understandable reasons. I mean, how many guys want to stay in on a Friday night with one girl when they can be drinking and dancing with ten? I get it. But for the more uncommon ladies and gents who want to date seriously, trends on the Internet shouldn’t make them feel discouraged to do so.

My boyfriend and I don’t have immediate plans for marriage, but we’re incredibly happy together. I cannot imagine my college years without his love and support. If I had read these popular articles promoting sexual curiosity and the necessity to get around at the beginning of my relationship, I would have broken up with him in a heartbeat. But I can’t imagine myself happier than where I am now and don’t even want to think about what the past three years would have been like without him.

We serious daters respect the choices of our peers who believe in the mantras of Ke$ha, and all we ask in return is the same. If a friend is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, take the necessary measures to get them out; but for the few of us who find joy in holding the same person’s hand—regardless of age—let us be.

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