I’m A 26-Year-Old Virgin


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I was raised with a somewhat strict religious upbringing and even though I still live with my parents, I am not particularly religious. It doesn’t impact my choice to remain a virgin.

The opportunity has come up several times but I just didn’t t go for it.  It was never the right person and I knew I would regret giving it up to the few guys I’ve dated because they turned out to be creepy pervs.

When it comes up with friends or acquaintances, I don’t deny it when they ask because I’m not ashamed. Yet they seem surprised and a few have even told me that they assumed I was promiscuous when they first met me even though I don’t even dress in a way to suggest that. However, almost everyone has told me that me being a virgin even at my age is still a great thing and that guys like it and it’ll turn them on. I don’t know how true this could be. There have only been a few immature people that seem really surprised by me being a virgin and try to make me feel bad about it. One was a girl, a couple were guys.

I’m not ashamed of being a virgin but I am lonely and I would love to find someone who I feel comfortable enough to have sex with. I do have intimacy issues though. My father is an alcoholic. My parents used to hit me as a child and I don’t have many friends or much of a social life to begin with. I am introverted and shy, kind of awkward. I guess I just have trouble connecting with people in general but I know that some guys find me kind of attractive. I’m not really sure what kind of guy would be interested in me but I hope that I find someone that I feel comfortable enough with eventually. I also hope that people stop making me feel ashamed of being a virgin and that it isn’t so shocking. I also hope that people can mind their own damn business since a person’s sex life, or lack of, is a very private matter. Besides, she may be a fictional character but Sookie Stackhouse was a virgin until 25 and she can only have sex with guys who have no pulse. And Heather McDonald wrote a memoir on being a virgin until she was 27. I know very few girls who have been happy about the way they lost their virginity; Most have said they wished they waited.  And I know a few other girls who waited until their twenties to give away their virginity.