I’m An Animal Activist, And I Eat Meat


There’s been some mean ass people, specially a bunch of angry vegans telling me I can’t be an activist if I eat meat and saying my life’s work is a fraud—my mouth actually dropped at some photos, comments and messages that rolled in the last three days.

I’m able to brush most of it off now, but some days I’m still like, “What the fuck did you just say?”

There’s also been people getting mad at me for my list of non negotiables traveling to a third world country.

I’m fully aware that I’m privileged—I’ve been traveling for a decade and have seen extreme extreme poverty. I’m still allowed to have digestive problems and want shit like cashew milk.

I’m allowed to love animals more than humans and choose to eat meat.

To all the people who hold anything against people because of their beliefs and think that being an activist or advocate of anything allows you to be a superior asshole—go fuck yourself.

If you’re going to use your voice to shit on me, it doesn’t have a place here.

Go eat some tufo and yell at someone else.

I do love animals. I am aware I’m privileged. I give back to this planet in multiple ways. I am a phenomenal woman and human—instead of focusing on what I am or am not doing, what the fuck are you doing, other than be a dick and try create shame through petty ass internet bullying?

Get off the phone and get out in the world and fight for, not against that which you believe in.

If you’re taking time to yell at all the people who aren’t supporting your belief, you’re missing the whole god damn point.

You’re wasting all your energy on the opposite of what you care about.

Stop yelling at people who don’t believe in god, or who wear leather and put your head down and love Jesus, or animals and dedicate yourself to that thing without shaming the other half of the human race who doesn’t connect with what you’re doing.

We don’t want to be on your bus, we have our own buses.

Instead of yelling at me, and everyone else—go drive. Carry on, be passionate—be passionate for that which you believe, please.

But let go of conforming us—we are doing our own work, and it’s just as important as yours.