I’m Breaking Up With Drama


Bye Bye Drama.

I’m breaking up with drama for good. I don’t watch the news anymore, I listen to it on NPR or the BBC while I get ready in the morning and that’s it.

If something goes down – I work for the Military – so I’ll hear about it. I cancelled cable because I am done dealing with those company asshats (especially when I only have one provider where I live), and also the false advertisements about what I am supposed to buy or look like – shame on you.

Same goes for the lame pop-culture magazines – fuck them. I no longer invite people into my tribe who sabotage my growth, and believe me at this point in my life – I can smell their kind many miles away.

And although I am fully embedded in social media in many different roles and functions – I only use it to share joy, like-minded missions, and to be honest about my journey so others can find theirs – social media plays a big yet unique role in my healing. Speaking of social media engagement – I do however screen my comments and shares, my friend requests and groups I am part of – and will with the quickness block or unfriend you if you desire to place hate, extreme negativity, or start shit with me or my tribe.

I refrain from going to bars unless it’s a fundraising event or something to do with my cycling tribe – because I generally get hit on my douche bags and I can’t drink if I bring my service dog anyways. Every person has a story, every person plays a part in our lives – there are those that come and go and are merely brief moments, there are those we simply interact with, those we intend on keeping around for a while, family, tribes, lovers, and many other capacities of the human experience – but which of those do you want to impact your life, your train of thought – your joy bubble?

What situations, what hobbies, what activities you’re currently involved in do you think should stay? I stay far away from anything that gives me that shaky gut feeling, you know the one – it’s like the opposite of joy butterflies – and we all have a gut instinct that we should listen to more.

That is a gift – and in order to hone into it – purging the silly obvious drama is that much more important. Listen – declutter your weighing commotion, because most of it is mothball worthy anyway. There are always going to be those unavoidable disturbances in life – but all you gotta do is handle it, and then namaste it out like a boss.

You cannot control it all – but you can make choices to decrease your footprint in drama and the negative energy it brings. Live more simply in your wellness, and only surround yourself with what brings you joy and makes you feel inspired.