I’m Done Running After You To Prove I Matter


When I fell in love with you, I thought this is it. This is how it’s all supposed to feel. Those butterflies. Looking into your eyes and thinking, finally someone sees me for exactly who I am. 

You were always good at that. Making me think that I was worthy of your time and your attention. It took me a little while to figure out that you were the one that was good at wearing masks.

One to make me think you would catch me when I fell. One to make me feel safe and protected. And the last one. The one that made me think that I wasn’t anything. The one that made me feel so small I thought I was caving in on myself.

And for that, I will never be able to forgive you.

But I will be able to forget you. 

I’ll forget all the little moments we shared. All those times when I thought that we fit together perfectly. All those nights I spent dreaming about the way that we would be together, grow old together. I thought you were going to be forever.

Finally, I was done searching. You were the one that made it all worth it.

That is until I felt myself constantly chasing you. Begging for you to notice me, to notice all the love and the attention I was trying to give you. You had me wrapped around your finger, and it wasn’t until I saw the truth, took off the rose colored glasses, that I saw you were only playing games with me. And my heart.

So this is the last thing I have to say to you until I take you out of my life and my memory completely. I should have mattered to you. My love should have been enough. 

You should have seen how much I would have done for you because not many people would or do. You should have seen me as a person and not just a toy you could take out when you felt like it and throw away when you were done.

You should have fought to keep me, not string me along until you got bored.

But the joke’s on you because now that I’m done, that’s all I really am. Done. 

I gave you all the chances to prove how you felt and to do something about it and you fell short.

So now, it’s not that I mean nothing to you. The tables have turned and trust me when I say, you’re on the losing end.