I’m Finally Seeing That I’m The Best Thing You’ll Ever Have


I’m finally seeing that you’ll never meet someone like me. It’s not because I’m unapologetically myself, it’s not because I am a breath of fresh air, it’s not because I’m a sunflower in a field of red roses. I’m confident but humble, I’m kind but strong, I’m wise but innocent, I’m safe but with an edge. I know my worth and I know what I deserve. I know who I am and what I am capable of. I don’t take the uncomplicated way out to get the things I want in life, I take the road less traveled.

I’m finally seeing that you’ll never be loved like the way I loved you. It’s not because I love too much, it’s not because I know what real love is, it’s not because I loved you the way you’ve been waiting to be loved. I gave you the soft, hard love you can hardly find. I loved the parts of you that you hated the most. I accepted your flaws before your perfections. I saw the sadness in your eyes and I didn’t judge you. I was there for you when you were at your lowest and I didn’t run. I was your friend when you broke me and I never shamed you for it. I fought for you when you gave-up on yourself. And I believed in you when everyone else thought you were nothing.

I’m the person your mother prays for you to meet every night. I’m the person no-one believed you’ll ever meet. I’m the person who made you feel again.

I’m finally seeing that you’ll never be happy with someone like you were with me. It’s not because I put your happiness ahead of mine, it’s not because I went out of my way to put a smile on your face. I gave you everything I had when I barely had anything yet, you thought it was enough. I did everything you asked of me: I gave you space, I gave you time, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and in it all, I gave you my heart.

I’m finally seeing that I’m the best thing you will ever have because I changed you. I inspired you to become a better person. Knowing me healed you from your past, childhood, and previous relationships because I showed you that you’re enough. You found your roots after we met because I pushed you to find who you are. After I came into your life, you saw meaning to your existence because for the first time, you mattered. Your voice was heard. Your thoughts were respected. Your feelings were protected. Your presence was celebrated. And you were more than just a sexy body, a beautiful mind, a golden heart.

You weren’t just another person, you were the person. You weren’t just another song, you were the remedy. You were fucking magical. You were my sun on a summery day, my moon in a dark night, and my sky full of stars all year round.