I’m Happiest In My Dreams, Where We’re Still Together


The dreams that include you are always happy – those where I do not want to wake up from, nights where I crave more of sleep, more of you. As of this writing, my eyes get teary. How you make my heart jump out of joy even just in a dream is something I will never figure out how.

You do not show up every night, but when you do, you always leave a pang of sadness and happiness at the same time. Sadness because I only get to spend time with you in my dreams and happiness because we are just being we; no pretenses at all.

You make it difficult for me to get up every morning because it means I’m already far from you. In reality, you belong to someone else. That’s the most difficult one to digest every time a memory of you flashback in my mind. But just like how good you are in making me feel better, you make me forget that whenever you appear in my dreams.

The possibility of crossing paths with you again is nearly impossible. But you can’t blame me if I still hope that someday, we will. And when we do, I know, that time is already in favor of us.