I’m In Love With The Idea Of You


You and me. Nothing between us, only bare skin. Soul-to-Soul connection. The way our eyes make love. The way our minds explore each other. Your thoughts, my thoughts. A future meant to be?

Your voice sends tidal waves down my spine. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in your tides. Sometimes your waters hold my weight. I’m going with the motions your love brings and trying not to sink.

I can’t get enough of you. The things you do, the things I do, the things we do. We’re stitching a perfectly imperfect life, mending our patchwork skin. Love is leaking through the cracks and it’s time to finally be set free.

Hold me while I hold you and wrap your limbs around my limbs. Let our hearts sync with each other and skip to their own beat.

Feel the way our breaths align. Sometimes you take my breath away and leave me gasping for air. Sometimes you are my breath and give me life.

You give me depth, the way we drown in the wine-stained sheets. Sleep by my side we’ll get lost in time. We’ll get lost in the idea of forever. We’ll get lost in meant-to-be, a sure thing.

You and I, sweet love. You’re the one that I adore.

My heart burns like a cigarette every time you go.

Don’t go.

“It’s getting cold baby, I need your hot hands on my skin.”

You make the sunlight break, you make the moonlight hours such a delight. My heart expands with you by my side.

Hold my hand. Let’s grow old together. Wrap your arms around my waist, sink your fingers on my skin, and say, “This will always be.”

Although we both know that’s not the case. Although we both know this is goodbye. Take care.