I’m Most Afraid That You Will Forget Me


Do you know when you go on vacation and are about to leave to go back home and all of these feelings come up? You think about the memories you made, the good times you shared with whoever you vacationed with, the peace and calmness you felt. You wish for another week, another day, another hour to savor it all before reality comes crashing in. And when it’s time to say goodbye, you promise yourself you’ll never forget how you felt in those moments, that one day you’ll be back to relive them again. When you’re finally home, it takes a couple of days to adjust. You miss the place you came from but, after a while, you forget, and you’re right back to the routine of your life.

Everyone has felt this. A longing for a place they have travelled to only to let reality wash away the magic of the place, the memories, and the feelings.

I think that is what I’m most afraid of — you forgetting.

A country that took away all of your worries or an island that showed you serenity. I hope one day you come back and remember how I once made you feel. I hope you never forget.