I’m Never Going To Stop Loving Fiercely And Neither Should You


I’ve been told that I love too hard.
That I give love to the wrong men.
That I share my heart with the ones who don’t deserve it.

I’ve been told that I’m naive in love.
That I should stop being a hopeless romantic.
That I ought to quit assuming that every guy out there has nice intentions.

I’ve been told many things about how I love, my strategy in love, and what love is.
As much as I’ve been preached, I never learn my lesson because love to me is about being genuine.
I will love however I choose to love.

Love is about having faith that somewhere out there in the world, there is someone for you. Some call it a soul mate, others also call it a best friend.

Stumbling in love shouldn’t stop me or you from believing in the innocence and purity of love. Through heartbreaks we become stronger, wiser, and better. Heartbreaks are temporary and we can all walk away from it stronger.

If you want to blanket someone in your love, do it. You shouldn’t have anyone tell you otherwise. How you decide to treat the person that you love is instinctual and if you want to drown them in your passionate heart, who’s to stop you?

Love wrongly, love rightly, love wholeheartedly. Just love. Even if you end up hurt or disappointed, never put a cap on your desire to love fiercely.

Perhaps right now you’ve stumbled more than you’ve floated up to Cloud Nine.
Modern dating can be jaded, we know that.
Maybe you’re as tired as I am for being let down by love so often.
All those false hopes and all those times you thought that it could work out only to have it crumble the next day.
I know. Love can be tiring for the soul.

No one ever guaranteed that finding love would be easy.
They never warned us that the path would be winding and at times, never-ending.
Never let that be your excuse to stop loving with all of your heart.

Somewhere out there, someone is waiting for you. It’s cliché, but deep down you believe it’s true.
They’re waiting for you to gaze into their eyes with passion and wonder.
They’re waiting for that one person who can uplift them and restore their faith in the universe.

Someone somewhere out there is waiting for you to wrap their arms around them and be told how much they’re loved.
They’re waiting for that special someone whom they can be themselves around without having to be judged or second-guessed.
They’re waiting for that magical moment when two bodies touch and you realize that it all feels right.

That someone could be the passenger you brushed shoulders with at the train station, your best friend, the guy sitting at the bar or the person who stood beside you also reading a magazine at your favorite bookstore.
The mystery of life is that we can’t predict when Cupid decides to ring on our doorbell.
What is in our control is how we decide to treat the person standing behind that door.

When that opportunity comes, choose love and when you do, love fiercely.