I’m Not A Hopeless Romantic, But I Still Want You To Do Sweet Things


I was never the girl who watched romance movies on repeat and reread fairy tales before bed, daydreaming about my Prince Charming galloping up to my window.

I’m just not that kind of person. I’ve never needed flowers on my doorstep and balloons tied to my mailbox. I’ve never expected a guy to pick me up for our first date while wearing a suit and I’ve never expected a handwritten poem declaring his love for me.

I’ve never considered myself a hopeless romantic. In fact, I used to scoff at couples who cuddled on park benches and called each other by embarrassing nicknames.

But now that I’ve found someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with, those things don’t sound as silly as they used to. Now, I kind of like the idea of romance.

I would like someone to knock at my door instead of beeping their car horn or meeting me at the movies. I would like someone to hold my hand as we walk through the park or have a picnic with me on the beach.

I would like to feel like I matter, like I’m worth more than sex and more than a one-word text.

To be clear, I’m still not a hopeless romantic, not at all. I just want you to do sweet things for me. I want the basic things that every relationship should entail.

I want you to send good morning texts. I want you to write something nice in my birthday cards.

And I want to celebrate anniversaries and Valentine’s Days. We don’t have to do anything crazy, we don’t have to make reservations for a five-star restaurant and get drunk on wine, but I want to at least acknowledge it. I want to celebrate our love.

You don’t have to spoil me with compliments and gifts and dinners on the daily, but once in a while, I’d like to be surprised with something sweet. Something that would show me that you care, that you’re willing to work to keep our relationship strong.

Of course, I’ll do the same for you. I’m not into oneway relationships, where one person is busy fighting while the other is busy sitting on their ass. I’m going to buy you nice things, plan dates I know you’ll love, and even attempt to cook. My mission is to spoil you rotten.

I’m not a hopeless romantic, but that doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to romance, that I don’t need it in my life, that I don’t see its value.

You have to understand, I don’t need a Prince Charming. But I do need a guy who gives a shit.