I’m Not Crazy, You Made Me That Way


It all started so simply; we met, were intrigued, and felt that it was love. It was young love, the type we all dream about, but I think we all know it wasn’t meant to last.

We started getting in arguments, fighting over the smallest things, but we always made up. After all, we needed each other. You were the end where I began.

Eventually, we intentionally did things to irk one another. We intentionally pushed each other’s buttons. But, something happened, and suddenly everything I did became another “thing that pissed you off.”

  • The way I spoke loudly when I got excited about something
  • The way I rambled on long car rides
  • The way I would fart after eating something that made my stomach upset
  • The way I would try to express my feelings
  • The way I shoveled
  • The way I did my hair

Each time I did something, it became an issue. Minimized, and deduced, whatever it was, it chipped away at my confidence, until eventually, I was a shell of myself. You told me I was crazy: irrational, and immature. You told me it would be impossible for me to find someone else to love me, because no one else would accept my idiosyncrasies.

But, here’s the thing; I’m not crazy, you just made me that way.

When you don’t accept someone for who they are, it diminishes the other person’s self-confidence. It makes someone feel worthless when they hear “you’re crazy,” or “you really need to stop that,” and, that’s not what a relationship is about. You’re supposed to encourage one another, support the dreams of your partner, and while there were times that we did that, I think it’s safe to say we were not truly in love, but rather, we loved the idea of a relationship more.

Yes, I’m not a perfect lady. There are times when I snort when I laugh very hard. I get overly excited about the littlest things. I dream BIG, no HUGE, and there are times when I get lost in my own rambles. I’m just me, and you couldn’t accept that.

And, now, that we’ve both moved on, it’s clear that while we had a great time together, filled with once in a lifetime experiences, at the end of the day, we made each other crazy.