I’m Not Scared Of Falling In Love


I’m not scared of falling in love

I’m scared of hitting the ground.

Falling in love is unexpected, a rush—it’s amazing.

What is terrifying is what happens once the pretty flowers have bloomed.

What frightens me is what happens once all the little leaves have fallen from the tree.

You see, falling in love is easy, but staying in love is not.

Falling in love involves falling for another being and it’s out of our control.

Often, someone we know nothing about.

Someone who may or may not be emotionally stable.

Someone who possibly hasn’t put the work into themselves in order to build a healthy relationship.

The thing is, falling in love and being in love isn’t enough to create a lasting relationship—that’s just the beginning.

Because lasting love is more than wanting to spend every waking second with that person.

Love is a shifting force that can at times save us but also destroy us.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t allow yourself to fully delve into a relationship.

It doesn’t mean that you should isolate yourself.

We are not islands. We are meant to connect.

If you experience chemistry with another being, don’t question it.

Because that’s what chemistry is—an emotional and psychological way two humans connect to one another.

There is nothing small about this.

Multiple factors have fallen into place.

In a planet in which billions of humans take up space,

in a planet in which we come across many,

a real genuine connection is rare.

So don’t let what ifs hold you back.

Because, in order for a relationship to flourish, in order to fly,

you have to jump.

You have to take a chance.

I know I said I’m afraid of hitting the ground.

Truth is, I am more afraid of not experiencing a real genuine connection with another being.

I am more afraid of not trying.

Because sometimes the landing is home.