I’m One Of The Choices You Never Made


Blue shadows of the trees upon you and me, sitting on the steps to the temple on the top of the mountain, in a silent countryside afternoon,

People don’t say much around here, because the voice echoes so far away, someone cries at night, and the others weep for his sorrow too,

How do we keep this a secret in a place where the word itself doesn’t exist at all?

Blue shadows of you and me, on the streets of the silent countryside, where all the footsteps are known, they’ll know we’re walking together just by the sounds of our feet on the gravel, they’ll come and see us from their windows, there will be no more hiding, are you ready to live in the spotlight for the rest of our lives?

Black shadows of only me, waiting for you until the sun went down, it seems like you changed your mind, seems like I’m one of the choices you never made, that’s what I am to you now, a choice you never made, a chance you never took, who would’ve guessed that I was stronger than you?

I wanted to be around you for the rest of my life, I never said it outloud but I had already plans for when we were old, when we would be trapped inside our houses and heads, I had planned it all out, but now once again, I’ll have to forget everything once again, and try to find someone else who would make this life of mine a little more fun than it already is,

To tell you the truth, I don’t mind being alone, I really truly don’t, but it’s always fun to share your time with someone who’s doing the same with you.

Blue shadows on the steps, blue shadows on the streets, of no one but the trees, swaying in the wind, stuck in one place for too long,

I used to wonder about being being a tree, and how do they bear it when the birds that build their nests on their branches fly away, don’t they want to get away too?

Bur now I see, you can’t feel suffocated in one place if you have only stayed there, with no knowledge of the rest of the world.

I don’t want to be like that, but sometimes I wish I was.