I’m Proud To Be A Nasty Woman


So, it’s well known by now that at the third presidential debate, Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as ‘a nasty woman.’

People who closely follow me already know my political beliefs and honestly, that’s not even what this is about. This election feels like mono — I’m too fucking tired for anything. We’re all talking in circles, creating even larger divides, and I just want to hibernate. It feels like every adult in the room is screaming and I’m a five year old kid who thought this party was gonna be fun.

I’m not interested in a huge political debate right now. And yet somehow, someone will inevitably comment that I’m wrong or spew some propagandistic shit that I’m not interested in reading right now.

What I do want to say is to all women who have felt triggered during this election cycle, you’re not alone. And maybe what we need is something cheesy right now, like an affirmation. Is that dumb? Probably.

But whatever, here goes.

I’m a nasty woman. And maybe you’re a nasty woman. Maybe being nasty means you’re complex, multifaceted, never the kind of human you can stick in a box.

Here’s to all the nasty women everywhere.

May you keep on being nasty. Because according to what I’ve seen, I think I’ve figured out what nasty really means. It means brilliant. It means accomplished. It means never backing down.

Maybe being nasty means you’re confident, independent, loud, soft, tough, sensitive – anything and everything.

It means you’re flawed. And a fighter. And damn, is there anything more admirable than that?