I’m Slowly Learning How To Unlearn Everything I’ve Been Taught


The people we grow up around are extremely influential in our lives. Just by our parents alone we are taught who God is or isn’t, how we should feel about our pain or emotions, how well we communicate, and our entire belief system is formed around another person’s.

The problem with this is that previous generational trauma is a real thing. When our people don’t work through their shit, their shit still gets passed along to us. Their triggers, sensitivities, responses, and thought system gets introduced to us and then we pick some of it up. Their shit becomes our shit.

There is great importance when it comes to navigating this life for ourselves, unbiased and for ourselves.

There is pure power when it comes to questioning everything you have been introduced to, especially everything you have been told is Truth.

I remember one time in high school my mom asked one of my really religious friends what her thought was on something and her response was, “Hmm. Let me ask my dad.” My mom proceeded to tell her, “No, what are YOUR thoughts?” and she couldn’t come up with any.

Who are we if our thoughts aren’t really our own?

What is our faith if it isn’t curated by self?

What is our reality if it’s conditioned by someone else?

I am slowly learning how to unlearn everything I have been taught.

I am slowly learning that the way my family communicates isn’t how I have to communicate.

I am slowly learning that my spirituality isn’t really my spirituality if it didn’t even come from my own findings.

I am slowly learning that the relationship dynamics I’ve been exposed to, don’t have to be how I demand them to be for my own life.

I do not have to integrate the fear, self-doubt, and emotional trauma from the lives before me – for it is not mine to keep. 

I am slowly learning how to unlearn everything I have been taught.

I am learning how to become the author of my own life, to write and erase as I please.

I am learning how to speak my desires to fruition, to have a different level of standards than everyone around me.

I am learning how to speak to myself differently, redefine the love I have for myself and all of the ways I show it.

I am learning how to question logic, to find my own answers that are entirely my own.

To have a life of authenticity we first have to embrace the process of creation and curiosity. Our life cannot ever fully be our life if the things we say to ourselves is coming from a voice that isn’t even our own. 

I am learning how to unlearn everything I have been told to be true and finding the truth for myself.