I’m Slowly Learning That My Fears Don’t Have To Define My Fate


I’m slowly learning that my fears are mostly mental barriers I’ve created for myself or I’ve inherited from my parents or my culture or my environment. I’m slowly learning that I’m not who I was in fifth grade when I couldn’t get any of the answers right and decided to stop participating. I’m not who I was at my first job when I was so unmotivated and underperforming. I’m not who I was when I was inexperienced and just starting out that my nerves and insecurities would take centerstage. I’m slowly learning that these moments should not be the ones determining my future or my fate. They should just be reminders that I’m not that person anymore.

I’m slowly learning that my past mistakes don’t have to repeat themselves. That every new moment is another chance to get it right. That what was once impossible or hard can be easy and simple. That the times I made a fool of myself can teach me how to handle things better this time around. I’m slowly learning that the moments that once scared you and scarred you are the moments you should repeat until you get a different outcome because this is how you develop your mental strength, this is how you overcome your fears and this is how you grow.

I’m slowly learning that I can change the patterns of my life. The ones that are always showing up in different scenarios. These patterns show up to trigger you but also to make you consciously aware of what needs to be changed. They show up to test you. It’s easy to change a pattern once you acknowledge the root of the problem and act differently when it shows up. I’m slowly learning that nothing is truly set in stone, even your innermost beliefs and fears can be changed and even the deepest of wounds can heal when you know how to treat them and when you decide to challenge these fears instead of giving them the power to dictate your future or your fate.

I’m slowly learning that fear is your biggest enemy because it can truly stop you from achieving the things you want. I’m slowly learning that it’s better to do the things you’re afraid of even if you don’t succeed at first than live your life on the sidelines, never truly going for them. It’s better to take a risk and face harsh criticism or judgment than play it safe. It’s better to decide for yourself what you can or can’t do instead of letting others tell you what your capabilities are. I’m slowly learning that when you face your fears, you will realize that the worst is already behind you, that even if things don’t work out, it won’t hurt as much as it did the first time and you won’t be so worked up about it.

And sometimes when you face your fears, you will discover that you’re not scared anymore. That you’ve finally overcome a certain fear and it will feel so good. It will be liberating. You’re not stuck anymore. You’re not defined by fear and your fate doesn’t depend on a version of you that’s scared. I’m slowly learning that your fate can be defined by your courage, your resilience, and your determination instead of your fears and it will prompt a much more intriguing story.