I’m Slowly Learning To Be Happy


I’m slowly learning to trust myself a little more.

To take steps forward even if that means some back.

I’m slowly learning mistakes don’t have to define me if I choose to learn the lesson in them.

I’m slowly learning to fall with a little bit of grace and feel no shame in asking for help.

I’m slowly learning to forgive myself. Forgive myself for the things I can’t change. The things I don’t do well. The moments I need to stop and slow down.

I’m slowly learning to forgive myself for the people I might have hurt. The people who might have deserved better but in those moments I was still learning.

I’m slowly learning it’s okay not be liked but that shouldn’t dictate how I feel about myself.

I’m slowly learning it’s okay to not be perfect. And in striving for unrealistic expectations I’ve looked past anyone who has ever told me I was good enough.

I’m slowly learning to appreciate everything. That includes everyone past and present.

To say thank you a little more. Even if it’s under my breath.

Thank you to the people who have forgiven me.

Thank you to the people who helped me to learn.

Thank you to the people who have made me smile and have seen me at my worst.

Thank you to the people who have given me their time. Given me their attention. Trusted me with their secrets. And given me someone to turn to.

The people who continue to choose to want to be in my life and let me a part of theirs.

I’m slowly learning appreciation isn’t being grateful for getting what you want but learning that what you already have whether it’s people or things deserve some acknowledgment.

I’m slowly learning that happiness has so much more to do with how I perceive the things in my life than it does finally getting somewhere or getting something.