I’m Slowly Learning To Not Be Afraid Of How Life Changes


I’m slowly learning to let change happen, to accept it rather than reject it, to not worry so much about how it will affect my future, how the way my life changes, will eventually change me. I’m slowly learning to embrace it rather than fear it, to realize that it’s okay for me to change, for me to grow out of one thing and into another.

I’m slowly learning to understand that change doesn’t have to be so scary. That the way me move on from certain things, certain people and places, certain paths and directions, it doesn’t always have to signify an ending, it can represent beginning too. I’m slowly learning that moving on means moving forward and that you don’t have to apologize for wanting different things than you did before, for having different interests or dreams, different goals or visions for you and for your life. I’m slowly learning that changing directions, choosing a different course, doesn’t have to make you feel lost. That new beginnings can mean new-found happiness.

I’m slowly learning that the changes around me are nothing to be afraid of either. That other people will grow and learn and change just as much as I do, that their lives will change just as much as mine and that we might not be a part of them as much as we were before. That the space we take up in each other’s lives will become smaller, that we might not see each other as often, or as long, but that our friendship will stay the same. That even though our lives become busier with things other than each other, the love is always there, the friendship is always there, the memories are always there. I’m slowly learning that no matter how much life-changes our friendships remain the same. I’m slowly learning that it doesn’t matter who gets engaged, who gives birth, who moves to a different country, no matter where they go, no matter what they do, the love stays, it comes with us, whatever happens, where ever we go, whatever comes next, it’s there, always.

I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to look back and realize how different things are now, how different we’ve all become. How different people have come into our lives, the ones who left and the ones who stayed. How back then we were one way, and now we are another. How some things are good-different, and some things not-so-good-different. How we’re working on different things within ourselves, different weaknesses and issues, different stresses and worries. How life has changed so much since then. How life is so different now.

I’m slowly learning that there are so many ways life has changed and so many ways it will continue to change. I’m slowly learning that I should make the best of every change that happens, and that I won’t be able to do that if I’m afraid of it. I’m slowly learning to be fearless with change, to let it guide me, inspire me, to let it awe me and amaze me. To just go with it and stop worrying. I’m slowly learning to live life without the fear of change making everything worse. I’m slowly learning to live with hope that out of every change will come something beautiful.