I’m Slowly Learning To Only Live Life For Me


The realization hit me just now.

As I lie in bed surrounded by the freezing yet refreshing Norwegian air, it finally sunk in.

I have realized that I’m actually living the life I’ve always wanted. I’ve already experienced more than I ever thought I would. I’ve been through so much, yet I came out on top and even stronger. I’m growing as an artist, daughter, sister… a human being. Every single day, I learn more about myself and the universe, and I still want to know more.

The world has crushed me, brought me to my knees, but it didn’t break me. It gave me courage to stand up for myself. To fight for my dreams and passions. It made me realize that nothing changes until you change. Everything in your life starts within you. It has to come from you.

I think the problem is that I (and a lot of people out there, including you reading this) don’t realize how far I’ve come in my life and it’s remarkable considering that I’m still alive and doing just fine. I would never be in the spot I am right now if I haven’t made all the decisions in my life exactly as I made them. I might regret doing certain things or not doing them, but if I was given a choice of changing my past decisions, but not having the life and experiences I have now, I would politely decline and ask for another wish.

Life is hard and unexpected, but it’s so damn beautiful! There are so many more things I want to see and the fact that I’ve seen so much already makes me convinced that I will. It won’t always go according to the plan, and quite frankly, it never will, but that’s the magical bit. Anything can happen and having carefully designed plans for every part of your life only sets you up for disappointment.

I’ve come so far.

I’m slowly learning to let things be how they are. Slowly, because it’s a long process, but surely it happens. I no longer care about the opinions of irrelevant people that have no effect or impact on my life and I refuse to listen to them. I only care about the people that care about me and that I truly cherish in my life. I’d rather have few people that I adore and trust completely than have a bunch of fake companions that will stab me in the back.

Life is long enough to not settle for unhappiness, but short enough not to let opportunities pass you by, so I vow to do just that. Your life doesn’t start when you choose so, it started the minute you were born. Waiting for some magical sign or the perfect moment only makes you waste it.

No extraterrestrial creature will manifest itself in front of you to give you directions. A golden ticket will not fall under your feet, for sure. Life is for the takers and waiting won’t bring you closer to any achievements.

So, go on. Live your life the way you always said you would, but waited for the ideal moment. Move forward, even if you have to take baby steps. Because at least you’re pushing forward.

Here’s to no longer hiding behind fear of rejection or embarrassment. Here’s to always doing what you want regardless of other people’s opinion. Here’s to being happy with who you are because you are a fantastic person. Here’s to working on yourself each day because you care about yourself and you want to live happily. Here’s to standing up for yourself when you feel like you’re being mistreated.

Here’s to being happy.

Here’s to your life.

Here’s to you.