I’m Sorry For Falling Out Of Love


My flames have been reduced to ambers
Struggling to burn the ashes remaining
My hands reach out to grasp something
Always slipping through my fingers
I cave under uncertainty
I make myself sick with worry over not knowing about the future
I don’t know anymore about our future
Once I was not afraid to scream my love for you to the world
Once my poems would make Juliet swoon for such a love
I don’t know when I lost it
I just know one night I stayed up until 2am crying
Because I could no longer remember what it felt like to have your skin on mine
And because that did not make me miss you
I dreamt of a god-awful future
Of running into you and your wife and children in the grocery store
Standing in the cereal aisle
I was all-alone
And you…you were happy
The dream keeps coming and it’s never me making you happy
It’s no longer dreams of you coming home to our apartment while I’m dancing in my underwear baking a pie or a cake or…
One night those dreams just stopped
Then my tears ran out
I didn’t mean to fall out of love with you
I didn’t mean to forget the curves of your body, the highways that lead to the places that make your breath hitch
I misplaced my map and lost my way
I’m desperate to find the right road, all I want is to go in reverse
But I think this is a one way ticket and I have no where to go but forward
The hardest part is letting go
But when I look behind me
I already see you so far in the distance that I can’t even say goodbye