I’m Sorry For Welcoming You Into My Bed, Instead Of My Heart


I’m sorry for welcoming you into my bed,

But not into my heart.

I’m sorry you opened your heart to me

And I only opened my legs.

Sometimes I feel the only way I can attract the opposite sex,

Is with my body, my lips, my sexuality.

Sometimes I feel my mind is too fucked up to be loved,

So I offer what I know won’t be rejected.

It’s an unconventional way to show affection,

But it’s the way I show it.

The safe way to show it.

No heart, no feelings, no emotions.

I know my mind and heart are not too fucked up to feel, to love.

But I know others will believe them to be.

I can handle the bodies never returning to my bed,

But I can’t handle the thought,

That one of those bodies would have a grip on my heart, a look into my mind, a glimpse into the chaos,

And that be the reason they don’t return.

So when I bare my body

Instead of my soul

Know I am opening myself up to you the only way I have ever known

The only way I have ever been comfortable with.

Just know

When you bare your heart and soul to me,

I am listening.

But don’t expect me to reciprocate in the same manner

I have to protect myself first.