I’m Sorry I’m Too In Love To Let You Go


I’m sorry I’m too vulnerable at times

You can’t handle me when I’m hurting.

I’m sorry I’m insecure because you always make me feel like I’m never enough.

I’m sorry I keep saying sorry for you instead of you apologize to me because we both know I’ll never have it in me to hurt you on purpose.

I’m sorry I love you too much that you can’t seem to stay long enough to witness me destroy myself because of you.

I’m sorry I can’t get myself to leave.

Even though you give me too many reasons not to stay.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to keep you, or let you go.

Because no matter what I do. You seem to always find a way to blame me for your problems, your issues

Your baggage that I never asked for or wanted

But I choose to deal with it because I love you.

I’m sorry I love you when all you do is ruin me and make me hate you, but I can never say I hate you long enough to mean it. Long enough to move on. Because you make me so numb I can’t even walk away if I wanted too.

I’m sorry I’m honest with my feelings and I’m open to being broken by you, as if I don’t know any better.

I’m sorry I never had anyone treat me good enough to know when enough is enough.

I’m sorry I keep searching for you in everyone I meet.

Because I’m wishing you will finally see it’s always been you.

You’re the one I want and the same one I shouldn’t be with. I shouldn’t love you but I do time and time again.

I’m sorry I’m human and things get to me and I over think and open all the messages I should left on read because I can’t leave you hanging like you do to me.

I’m sorry I’m not selfish enough to love myself more.

I’m sorry I can’t master the power of self-love because your love drains all my energy.

I’m sorry I care about you and want the best for you and I can’t even see my own potential.

I’m sorry I call you when I shouldn’t

Just to hear your voice

The voice that once spoke so softly to me.

I’m sorry I thought I saw the magic in you when we first met but now I believe the magic I saw was black magic 

You tricked me into thinking this shit was love.But love doesn’t make you say sorry a million times and still hold on.

I’m sorry I’m holding on to pieces of you I created in my head to be beautiful, but your pieces have expired a long time ago. You are not the person I want to complete me. If you get any closer, I’ll suffocate and drown in my own misery and yet still have some strength to beg you to save me.

I’m sorry that’ I keep telling myself I’m over it but I’m just waiting for you to change.

I’m sorry I keep waiting.

I’m sorry I’ll never get it.

I’m sorry I’ll never leave.

I’m sorry I can’t say goodbye 

Because goodbye means we’re done and I’ll be alone. 

I’m sorry I can’t handle being alone

So I keep letting you in and letting you get to me.

Maybe once I’m dead I’ll learn my lesson and even than i wouldn’t want to die without you next to me.

I’m sorry I’m too in love to let you go.

Even though it hurts me more holding on.