I’m The Girl Your Boyfriend Needs


It’s a Saturday night and your boyfriend is out on the prowl. He’s just broken up with his ex-girlfriend and he won’t meet you for, perhaps, another month or two. In fact, right now you don’t even know that your knight in shining armor exists. For the time being he’s broken, he’s looking to escape from the girl that he can’t seem to get over. He’s at the seedy pub down the road – you know the one, how it turns into a club on a Friday night – and he’s with his mates drinking.

The break up wasn’t easy on him, he’s a living breathing person after all, he has feelings and the relationship ended in a way that hurt his. He’s bitter and he’s out to show that he’s not just a guy who gets walked all over – because let’s face it, his girlfriend was an outright “bitch”. So he’s out on the prowl and he’s looking for a girl to take home. Queue my entrance. Just the average girl out for a few drinks with her friends. I’m not intimidating or overly in your face. I like to think I’m attractive in a mildly odd looking way, I’m 90% sarcasm and sass and 10% genuine and he sees me across the bar idly scanning the crowd.

From then it’s all bets are off, I’m trapped because he’s beautiful and I can’t believe he’s paying me any attention, he’s trapped because he’s bent on proving his ex doesn’t control him. We talk, we laugh, he buys me a drink and I demand to buy him one back. We talk more and he’s charming, I fall for him on the spot. I can’t help it so please don’t take it in a bad way, I’m just that kind of girl – the one that falls in love with the way she’s reflected in someone’s eyes, the one that falls for people who see her as better than she is and he does. He thinks I’m a girl worth trying to get, a girl worth talking to and a girl worth joking with. It’s not just a shallow pick up, we talk about aspirations and we talk about life. He tells me about his ex girlfriend and I tell him about the last guy that left me. He hugs me as we sleep.

In the morning, he leaves. We all have lives after all. It’s not that we never talk again, I’ve never been good at the one night stand after all. We see each other a few times after that and it’s nice. I become enamored with him and he begins to forget his ex. But eventually, even though he promised he wouldn’t on our first night, he leaves. I was never a long term solution, simply a quick fix for a broken heart. I’m the rebound that you tell your friends they need in order to get over someone and now he’s looking forward. After a few ignored text messages I’ll stop wondering where he is and he’ll stop feeling mildly bad about how he pushed me aside, after all he’s a living breathing person with feelings.

And then, one night – maybe a month later, maybe more – you’ll walk into a club all ready for a night out and he’ll catch your eye. The boy whose not stuck on their ex, the boy who’s ready to put something into a relationship, the boy who doesn’t just pick up a girl to take home. I’m the girl your boyfriend needs so he doesn’t fuck you over. Just remember, there are casualties in relationships – it’s just not always the ones who are in it.