I’m The One Who Left, Came Back, And Promises To Stay


I always see Ms. Rania Naim’s articles on my news feed, timeline and almost everywhere. I tend to ignore it because I just broke up with my partner who I’ve been with for almost 4 years now. The numerous times I see it online, I felt like he doesn’t deserve me because I left.

It was 1:08 in the morning, 11 days after I broke up with him when I decided to read the article. I couldn’t help myself from crying. I was so sad at the same time I was in denial. After all, I’m the person who left when things were not that exciting, when life became overwhelming to handle, when he was tired all the time, when he was lost and confused and doesn’t know what to do most of the time.

I’ve had some issues with myself, I was selfish, and I left. But I wasn’t just that. I didn’t do just that. I was also the one who reminds him how to survive, reminds him of his strengths, greatness, and I always remind him that even though he can make it on his own, I just want to be there for him and I don’t want to leave him alone and I wanted him to fight his battles with me.

Even though I left for a while, here I am now, with all the courage I have, staying and never leaving your side even when things are hard, even when you don’t buy me food, and even when you annoy me for the rest of our lives. It was always like that anyway. I didn’t really leave. I wouldn’t call it that. Deep in me, I know that I’m still there for you. I know that you never left too. Because before we even started this we made sure that even when things are hard, even when life throws rocks on us, we’ll always be stronger and we’ll always be together, no matter what.

I’m deeply sorry for giving you the thought that I left. But I never really did. You can ask your friends and the closest people in your life. I’ve always asked how you were doing. We both made our mistakes; all it takes is a little forgiveness. Love conquers all, right? And more than anything in this world that I’m sure of, it’s my love for you.

Our love, it’s not perfect, but it sure is worth it.

So Ms. Rania Naim, I have so much respect for you, your article, and for your other works. But on this one, you could’ve made room for people like me. Because more than you, I know that he deserves me. He deserves me not because I didn’t leave. He deserves me because my love for him is real. It may sound as cliché, but

Love is always enough.