I’m Tired Of Being Judged By My Sexual Number


I’m tired of being judged for my number.

I lost my virginity at 22. Yup, you heard that right. 22. I wasn’t some prude. Quite frankly, I got drunk and made out with multiple guys throughout college. But, sex was different. I wanted to be in a real relationship before I slept with a guy. I didn’t want it to be to some one night stand I’d never talk to. (Disclaimer: No judgment if you did/do decide to have a one night stand. You do you, boo!)

Society has convinced me that my number should matter. Quite frankly, I don’t see why it does. What difference does it make if I’ve slept with three guys or ten guys? What if I’ve slept with just one guy, am I a prude? And if I’ve slept with a handful of guys, I’m more experienced? Fun fact: I could have gotten the same amount of experience from five guys as I could from one. It all depends on the guy and the moment.

Why does it matter if I’ve slept with over 15 guys? What, I’m now all of a sudden a slut that could cheat on you at any given moment? Fun fact: All 15 of those guys could have been on different instances. Maybe they weren’t even one night stands. Maybe they were something meaningful. Maybe they were a mix of both. Either way, why should it matter?

Sex is fluid and constantly changing.

What I’m comfortable doing with a past lover may not match what I’m comfortable doing with you and vice versa.

My number doesn’t give you any insight into me. It’s just that, a number.