I’m Tired Of Going Halfsies


Recently there have been a lot of posts about how modern dating has changed and how men and women are both equals. Society’s formerly strict gender roles have been dwindling and hardly remain at all.

Apparently, a woman these days should not expect much from a man. She should be fully prepared to pay for her share—not just in meals, but all activities, trips, and essentially any expenses. And it’s justified because women have always wanted to be self-sufficient and independent. In other words, we don’t need no man.

Look, I’m not saying all of that is wrong; I’m just saying what makes dating someone any different from being friends with someone or just having a friend with benefits?

I feel like yes, it’s true that the guy shouldn’t always have to foot the bill when girls are just as capable. In fact, you can even take turns. I’m just not a fan of the “let’s split everything in half so I pay for myself and you pay for myself every time” component of modern relationships. (Does this only happen to me?)

To me, going halfsies is something I could do with any of my friends, not something I’d want to do on the daily with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve been doing.

So we go to the movies. I pay for my ticket, you pay for yours. Fine.

Then we go to dinner. He asks the waitress for a split check. OK, fine again.

We have a conversation. It’s nice.


We take a cab back to my place…wait, we’re splitting again?

Sometimes I just offer to pay the whole thing. He doesn’t accept it, though.

Isn’t this what goes on in every normal friendship? Am I the only one who doesn’t feel like this was what a relationship was supposed to be like? I mean, I’m OK with splitting, but I’m also OK with covering the whole tab once in a while if you’d do the same. I don’t know how this dating thing is supposed to work anymore.