I’m Tired Of Just Being Called Pretty


Due to the society we are currently living in, most women feel that they have to attain a certain beauty standard. Whether that means having the ideal body, clear skin, straight teeth, healthy hair, or anything beauty related, they hope that they are classified and categorized as the ideal woman.

This is in part due to mass media outlets and social media platforms, where women absorb information about the ideologies of femininity and beauty standards. Today, we are seeing a heightened social media usage that encourages women to post pictures to represent themselves, but the argument here is that the depths and the nature of a woman’s true being cannot be fully understood through virtual reality and their physicality.

There is nothing wrong with women posting on social media, feeling confident, and embracing their beauty, but there is more to women than just their physical selves.

Attraction is based on instinct; it is not uncommon for others to desire women based on their external beauty. In addition, women should feel appreciated and complimented for the creations of themselves. However, in addition to her externality of herself, there is much more beauty within her that lies within the depths of her soul—the part of her that she really is.

Women aren’t just pretty. Women are knowledgeable. Many like to learn or have achieved a higher education, leaving them with intelligence that they desire to share with others in the hopes of having real, authentic conversations that challenge their thinking further and stimulate their mind. Women are intelligent. 

Women aren’t just pretty. Women have a strong work ethic and an inner drive to simply survive and live comfortably. Or, in general terms, they are working towards a goal that they are striving for. Women are hard-working.

Women aren’t just pretty. Women have dealt with many hardships that left them hopeless and lost and made them come out of it stronger. Women take the time to work on their inner healing, to transform into a better version of themselves. Women are transformative.  

Women aren’t just pretty. Women are loving and caring. They are there with open arms for their friends and families. Women are emotional people who genuinely care for the well-being of others. Women are loving. 

Women aren’t just pretty. Women are artistic and have many ideas that they put into practice with such elegance. Women are creative.

Women aren’t just pretty. Women will put their needs before others. They sacrifice things for others because they care for them. Women are relentless.

Women aren’t just pretty. Women are the birth-givers who aid in the reproduction of the human race. Women are procreators.

These are just a few things women are besides just being pretty. The list can go on forever, because there is more to women than just their external beauty.

It is time that we pay more attention to the internal part of women—the parts of them that never fades.

Women are externally beautiful, but internally, they are resilient. Their spirits have crushed demons, and they are still surviving today. The depths within their souls, and who they truly are, also deserve to be understood and acknowledged.