I’m Waiting For The Pain To Disappear



Stand here

In the rain

Waiting for the pain

To disappear.


Flood past

Not drowning me

Not even trying to engulf me

But trapping me inside.


Flood past

And set all around me

With me trapped in the midst

With no escape.


I see

I find

My own “moments”

Oh! How they make me cry


Those very moments

That had made me Smile

Like the ripe young Sunshine

Which I am not

And never would be.


I turn

I am


By my own time

My past and my present

And the future I had dreamt

For me

Sketched out by my own hands

Onto the blank papers of

My confused life

And I have no choice now

But to look at them

And look

And look and look and look.

For I am trapped

I am surrounded

By my own expectations

By my own desires

I have nowhere to go


No matter how hard you try

You can’t run away from

Your own life.

So here

I stand

In the rain

Wishing for the pain

To disappear.