In An Alternative Universe


Late nights leading into the morning with you. Mornings leading into evenings with you. It started off casually and now here we are, intertwined and somehow merging.

The warmth of your skin on mine. The touch of your fingertips sending tidal waves down my spine. The sound of your voice causing every bone in me to vibrate, causing a shift.

We are on the same wavelength. So fucking effortless. The way time just passes by. A brief moment turns into a day, a weekend, soon to be weeks and months. I can’t quite explain it. Frankly, I don’t care to.

Because sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there simply isn’t an explanation. Sometimes the stars line up just right and we choose to give it meaning. Like the Orion, Caelum, and the Little Dipper, you are at home, seeping into every crevice of this space. Floating into the observable Universe. I want to trace every point with you.

Melting. Collapsing. Remerging. Inhaling you as you breathe out. You take me so high. We’re intertwining our bodies, minds, and souls, consuming one another’s warmth.

Your hand pressed into mine as we dive into the depths of our own Universe. A gravitational pull that just keeps us coming back, bringing everything together, yet somehow I am not touching the ground.

We’re buzzing, floating through the sky breeze. Loving you all day. Falling into the abyss of love with you. Diving into the Mariana Trench of love. Tracing every point of love.

Melting into one another. Swaying from one point to the next. Every crevice of our bodies covered in tidal waves of love, deep down to every bone we house. Merging into love. Seeping into love with you. And I wanted everyday with you.

Flow into me while I dive into you. Sinking, drifting, into our own island. Let me be your get away. You know I got you. Wash over me. Pull me underneath. Give me breath. Take me away.