In An Impermanent World I Need You To Be Permanent


When the glue holding the rest of the world together is rapidly falling apart, I need you to stay.

When people are constantly leaving when things get hard, I need you to stay.

When walking away is easier than fighting through our problems, I need you to stay.

I need you to stay and I need you to fight.

I can’t open my heart and risk the potential of losing someone like you, you’re far too important to me.

When everyone is walking away and leaving and giving up, I need to know you’re going to be permanent in an impermanent world.

I need you to be able to stay when I’m in tears and when I’m angry. I need you to be next to me when my anxiety is through the roof and I need you to be there when everything is seemingly perfect. I need you there through the happy times and the bad times because you don’t only get to experience the best of me.

I will give you the best I have because you bring it out in me, but no matter how strong I try to be everything isn’t always sunshine and I need you to be there on the dark stormy days, too.

I need to know you’re in this with me; I need to know that I can count on you to be by my side through thick and thin, through good and bad because that’s life.

Life is highs and lows, ups and downs; it’s an imperfect balance between the two opposite ends.

I need you to be there for me because I will be there for you.

I need to know I can count on you, I need to know you won’t just walk away because the last thing I need is another impermanent relationship with someone who could get up and leave at any given moment.

I can’t do the “talking,” I can’t do the texting games; I can’t do the guessing and the lying. I need to know if you’re in this with me or if I need to walk away because as hard as walking away from you would be, it’s better to do it now before the feelings latch deeper in my heart.

I need to know you’re as serious as you say you are because I can’t have you lying through your teeth to me.

I can’t have you saying things you don’t mean, but things you think will keep me happy because you’re only setting me up for a broken heart.

I’m sorry if these seems like too much for you to handle, but if that’s what it seems like then we better quit while we’re ahead because that’s a relationship and if you can’t picture that kind of life with me than you’re not the person I hoped you were.

I need permanence, I need someone who I know will be there, not someone who doesn’t feel like talking anymore and ghosts. Not someone who finds someone newer and more intriguing than me and leaves. I don’t want that so if you’re not actually invested in this, leave while I’m holding the door open for you because I can’t take another broken heart when I’m willing to put it all on the line for you.