In Another Life Our Love Would Still Be Here


In another life, we wouldn’t be star crossed lovers as we are. You would be inexplicably mine. I wouldn’t be so jealous because I’d be yours and you would be mine. In another life, you would never fear telling me you love me.

In another life, I wouldn’t have to miss you with every heartbreaking minute that passes by because you would be mine. In another life, I could smother you with affection and you would understand that I love you. You could bare the truth and when we understand the meaning of the words that our hearts speak to one another, it would strengthen us, not confuse us. In another life, I would tell you I love you, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I would kiss you and tell you how beautiful you are, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

In another life, we would be each other’s forever.
Our love would be as everlasting and shine as bright as the Northern Star. We would watch the years pass by hand in hand. We would watch as the wrinkles appear from all the laughter we’ve shared. I would never have to wonder how you feel because you would tell me, because I would feel it, because I would see it. I’d get to hear every thought, see every dream. In another life, I wouldn’t have to be stuck with envisioning the things I envision in THIS life.

I wouldn’t have to dream about you anymore. I wouldn’t have to hate that I love you more than I love myself. I wouldn’t have to wonder what angels look like because I would get to see you everyday. I wouldn’t have to wonder what heaven is like because I would get to feel your embrace everyday. I would see every reaction. I would catch every tear. I would welcome every kiss. I would adore every smile. I would cherish every hug.

In another life, I wouldn’t have to live in pain everyday knowing losing you is already written in the stars. Our encounters wouldn’t be as infrequent as the sun and the moon connecting for an eclipse. Id be able to watch the glow of the moon shine upon your face as you lay your head on my chest and watch the sun rise to show me again that I have you for at least another day. In another life, things wouldn’t be fleeting. There would be permanence.

In another life, I wouldn’t have to wonder if I get to keep you forever.
I wouldn’t waste another minute to ask for your devotion, your lifelong commitment. I wouldn’t have to wonder what your reaction would be when I give you a rose and tell you that it has something to give you….and the day it blooms, it would reveal a ring and I would be kneeling right behind you. I wouldn’t have to imagine how absolutely beautiful you would look in that wedding dress. I know the reality of that vision would make my heart stop. But…that’s not this life.

Across all the universes, in every world in which there’s a you and I, I bet we meet every single time by chance, by fate, by luck. And with my luck, this world, this life is the only one in which I can’t have you.

In THIS life, I had a piece of you, maybe even a piece of your heart, if not just a carbon copy. In this life, I’ve loved you all along.
I knew it when I first met you that Id love you. You had no idea, but I knew. I only get mere moments of your presence and I cherish every second but its never enough. I wish our kisses lasted a thousand lifetimes. I wish I could hold your gaze for eternity. I wish I could hold you forever.

In this life, in this moment, I’m telling you all the things I want you to know because I never want to say “I wish I could have told you..” even though I’m still stuck saying “I wish you knew…” or “I wish you could see..,” but that’s better than never having the chance to say it.

I’m telling you all this because in this life, you’re not mine. I’m telling you this because I have the opportunity to. I’m telling you this because, in this life, I love you.

In every galaxy, in every universe, in every world over, I’m yours. In this life, you’re every man’s dream….including mine….but one man’s reality…his.