In Defense Of Kimye


Kanye West recently declared his intention to possibly wed his beloved, Kim Kardashian, at the Palace of Versailles, where the French royal family resided pre-Revolution. OK, OK – I’ll give you five whole minutes to make all the Marie Antoinette jokes you want. By the time this story gets posted, they may have changed locales anyway. (EDIT: Apparently this story is fake. HOWEVER, it was a giant rumor and I was totally down with it.)

Time’s up!

People have been giving Kimye crap since the pair got together while Kim was technically still married to that dingbat Kris Humphries. I don’t care that he is also from Minnesota; he was awful. They say terrible things like, “Those two famewhores deserve each other.”

I get that both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have said, done and purchased things you may not agree with. Both of them are mad rich, constantly in the public eye and on the cover of all sorts of magazines you see while checking out at Target. Yes, Kim and her family are technically “famous for no reason,” but can we finally put that to rest? The Kardashians aren’t going anywhere.

I am one of the few and proud who believe Kimye are really in love. Throw all the stones you want! I don’t feel them ’cause I’m protected by the rosy glow of their love. I’ve been watching the Kardashians since it aired and several times, Kim and co. have mentioned their family friend Kanye West. He appeared in a few episodes a few seasons ago, so it’s not like they met recently. They’ve known each other since Kim was the Only Famous Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall were children and not sexy teens with millions of their own followers. I genuinely believed Ye when he appeared on Kris Jenner’s terrible talk show and espoused his love for Kim. I believed him when he said he’s been in love with Kim since the day he saw her. What – I believe in love, OK? And seriously, appearing on Kris’s show was proof enough of his devotion.

You can bash Kim all you want, saying she’s vain and stupid and famous for no reason, but that’s not actually true anymore. The Kardashian sisters have built a pretty sizable empire for themselves, shilling their Sears line, perfume, makeup, etc. It’s nothing to scoff at. Also, though she may have doodled with her face a little, Kim is one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world.

Seriously. When she appears on the show without makeup, as she occasionally does, she is stunning. Even those crazy outfits Kanye made her wear (and I doubt he MADE her, as Kim is pretty in control of her appearance) can’t diminish that kind of beauty. You can bash Kanye too. You can say he’s insane, he’s entitled, he’s got delusions of grandeur. No matter what you say about Kimye, you’re still talking about them, aren’t you?

I just don’t buy the whole fake romance when it comes to Kimye. They had a (gorgeous) baby, didn’t they? And Kanye’s whole family came to Kim’s baby shower? I find it commendable that they didn’t whore out Baby North by selling her picture to People magazine, but instead just let her shine on her mom’s Instagram and in a candid snapshot Kanye showed on “Kris.” (And god dammit she is adorable. Baby North is the cutest. I’m really hoping for a Kimye + North Christmas card.)

I just think Kimye are really in love! I feel like when they’re not at Yeezus tour shows or wandering around Paris, they’re probably hanging out at the Jenner house watching “House Hunters” just like you and me. I’m sure Kanye has some really good commentary when it comes to “House Hunters,” design aficionado that he is. They go to Wendy’s. They hang out with their friends just like any normal couple, except their friends are the guy who designs Givenchy and Jay-Z. I’m sure Kanye hates when Kim wears her old Juicy sweatsuits around the house, but he lets it go.

People shit all over his baseball stadium proposal, but I thought it was sweet. I LIKED the “PLEEEEASE MARRY MEE!!!!!!” It seemed kind of vulnerable and hopeful to me.

Why all the Kimye hate, people? They’re just a pair of folks in love, only they’re celebrities. They’re no different than Bennifer I or Angelina and Brad, they just pop up in media in a different way. I tend to think some of the hate comes from jealousy, because wouldn’t everyone want to be as attractive, rich and famous as Kimye? So Kim doesn’t have any discernible talent besides being pretty- she seems nice, and that’s important! I know I get the stirrings of jealousy when I see them in their his ‘n’ hers coordinated ensembles in Paris and New York, but also when they’re doing normal things like taking their baby to the doctor. They seem to enjoy each other’s company. Kanye has been photographed smiling while he’s with Kim, and that’s saying something.

Who cares if they have an ostentatious wedding that costs millions of dollars? It’s their money. So Kim’s been married a few times; big deal. Elizabeth Taylor got married tons of times! Kanye’s never been married before, so let him have his special day with the girl he really loves. You KNOW you’re gonna watch it if it airs on TV.