In Japan You Can Pay Hot Guys To Come Wipe Away Your Tears


Who doesn’t love a good cry once in awhile? You lower the shades, put on Drake, pour yourself a glass of wine, load up your ex’s Instagram where they look happy, and let the tears flow. Sometimes though, we don’t have the privilege of waiting to set the mood for ourselves. Sometimes, we find ourselves crying in the break room while our co-worker Tammy crunches loudly on her salad, staring intently as though we’re her afternoon episode of Days Of Our Lives.

Luckily, if you live in Japan, you no longer have to deal with your inexplicable sadness at the office alone while your co-workers take pity on you. Now you can hire an attractive man to show up at your desk and wipe those tears away while using it as a way of bonding with the people you work with.

Starting Sept. 24th sad girls can use the company Ikemeso to hire “therapeutic crying” specialists to come to their place of employment. The company’s name is a play on words, combining ikemen (hot guy) with mesomeso (crying) into one word to describe what they do.

The way it works is you pick out a guy, he shows up at your office, and everyone in the office watches a video together meant to induce crying. The kind of video you watch isn’t clear. Is it those videos of sad, tortured puppies while Sarah McLachlan plays in the background? Is it the series finale of The Office? Who knows!

The idea behind it is that seeing your co-workers together in a “natural and honest state” will improve communication, workplace morale, and create stronger relationships between people. It mostly seems like an awkward experience but Ikemeso places emphasis that the attractive guy giving his services for team bonding and tear gathering is really what seals the deal on the whole thing.

So, what kind of guys do you like? Are you more into bad boys? Intellectuals? Dudes who wear button ups and blazers? A “sweet dentist”? The kind of guy who looks like he’ll make you blueberry pancakes on a Sunday morning? For $65 you can have your very own platter of men to choose from. Here’s what your options are:

So far the service isn’t yet available if you’d like to experience your own session at home on the DL with a crying specialist, but if this service takes off, it’s only a matter of time before Japan takes advantage of the business opportunity.