In Other News, Here’s The Best Baby Penguin Ever Chasing A Zookeeper


Questions I have about this video:

  • Who is the man and how did he get so lucky?
  • Why is this baby penguin just hanging out all free-range style in the zoo?
  • Could someone translate the title of this video for me? I assume it’s something like “Your job suck and our job is awesome and our footwear is tops.”
  • Do those boots come in my size?
  • What happened after the camera stopped? Did they break that baby’s tiny heart by making him go back in the habitat with the other penguins when clearly all he wants to do is pretend he’s people? Did the zoo worker realize his destiny was to be a surrogate papa to a flightless bird? Did he take him home and let him sleep in the bed? Did they eat lox together in the morning?
  • What do they call “lox” in Japan?