In Uncertain Times, Remember That You Are Loved


You may be uncertain about things in your life right now, feeling unsure about life as a whole, even, wondering when that uncertainty will end. Even if you’re feeling like a failure, feeling unaccomplished, and feeling like the worst person in the world right now, just remember you are loved. You may feel lost and don’t know what to do. You’re possibly thinking to yourself, “Can anyone love me at this time in my life?”

If you feel alone and unlovable right now, remember that you are loved by all those around you—even strangers, because they have felt your emotions too. Everyone has at some point in their life felt this way, so you’re not ever alone in feeling that. You ask yourself, “How do we get out of that slump?”

We need to remember that we are loved and cared about. Remind yourself that feeling loved and cared about will get you through this time and so much more. In these uncertain times, you must remember that you’re loved, even if you feel like you don’t deserve it right now. You do, and always will.

You deserve love no matter what.

These uncertain times in your life will pass. Yes, it’s difficult right now, uneasy as well, but uncertain times will pass eventually and there will be better days ahead. You must remember this. Know how much you have to offer this world and how the world would be missing something in it if you weren’t a part of it. To make this difficult time a little more bearable for you, think of those people in your life who love and care about you.

However, you must also realize that you should be vulnerable to at least one person. That could either be a family member or a friend. Open up to them about how you’re feeling during these times in your life. You may feel uncomfortable doing this , but it will get easier once you open up to them and express your feelings. You will remember you are loved, and you will feel relieved that you opened up to them because now you will feel a weight just lifted off your shoulders.

In these unprecedented times, no matter what it is you’re going through, no matter how hopeless or sad you feel, know and remember this: There will always be uncertain times in life, and through all of it, you are loved.