Industries I, A Millennial, Have Personally Killed


Answering Phone Calls From Unlisted Phone Numbers Industry

Doing Multiple Appropriate Loads Of Laundry Instead Of Forcing An Ungodly Amount Of Clothes Into My Building’s Communal Washing Machine Industry

Basing My Life Choices And Decisions On Fact And Logic Rather Than My Zodiac Sign Industry

Responding To My Dad’s Texts About My Health Insurance Plan Industry

Being Able To Listen To A Full Song In Its Entirety Industry

Genuinely Watching The Full 17 Minutes Of A John Oliver Video Someone Sent Me Saying I “Totally Have To Watch This” And Engaging In A Proper And Enlightening Discussion Rather Than Just Ignoring The Video Entirely And Responding With A Generic “OMG” Industry

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Food Industry

Falling In Love With Attainable People Industry

Getting News From Anywhere Other Than Twitter Industry

Using Wikipedia As A Source For General Knowledge Rather Than A Black Hole Of Serial Killer Facts Industry

Wearing Clothes That Are Flattering And Appropriate For My Body Industry

Fixing The Broken Light In My Bathroom Within An Appropriate Time Frame Instead Of Just Using My iPhone Flashlight For Literally Weeks Industry

Knowing What Dry Cleaning Is Industry

The Entire Housing Industry!