Injustice Should Break Your Heart


I woke up. Over a long period of time and also all at once, I woke up to see the divinity and abundance that exists within me, in my soul. I see it in your soul. It is now my commitment to continue to live soul-driven and heart-centered every single day, and it is my mission to help every person I can to do the same. Why?

Living from our soul is how we become free. I have longed for freedom every day of my life, which feels weird to admit because it’s never really been taken away. I have felt the energy up here and I have breathed the air in a world where I know every day my job is to follow the light, to give, not get, to grow, not gain. Once you’ve tasted this, you have to share it because the amount of love that you have unlocked reaches even the damnedest of people and you know that you can share it all day and it will never run out.

I believe if we live from our soul, we will live freely, authentically, and fulfilled. There is something else, though.

When you commit to living soul-driven and heart-centered because “Yeah, abundance and joy and light all sound pretty good”, you don’t get to pick and choose. You don’t get to shut it down. That means that when your brothers and sisters are cut, you will bleed. And it will hurt. It will be uncomfortable. But you can thank God, because we are wired to get out of hurt and out of discomfort. We are wired to right wrongs.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is right now is that we are living in an unprecedented time of awakening. The veil has been lifted and a long-overdue reckoning is upon us. Everything in the shadows is out in the light. This includes the racism, oppression, and injustice that People of Color and particularly Black people have faced. And your heart should be broken.

If you are living from your heart and soul, I know how you feel. You are heartbroken, you are furious, and you feel like a fire has been lit underneath you; you feel yourself pulled in directions with force you never thought was possible to do something, anything, to try to heal what has been so broken.

I’m not here to shame anyone; the Universe is taking care of that by bringing all of the shadow to light. What I want to say is, if you are distracted, if you are missing the point, if you are defensive, if you are judgmental, if you are jumping to conclusions, if you are not listening, if you are not hearing, if you look around and don’t understand what you see and you find that you are here most of the time, I have a solution.

You are stuck in your ego; get into your heart. This article is not about me, but I started it with my story so that you could see that this message is actually not different from the one I and other spiritual teachers share all the time. It is simply that now it has become essential. It is now out in the open. Now we can easily look around and see who is living in their ego and who is moving from their soul. In that way, this is a gift. It is an opportunity, a plea from the Universe for everybody to wake up.

Some of your egos are flaring up as you read this. Allow me to address them—tapping into your soul and opening up your heart is not a selfless act. I want to write an article about how we all need to come together to do what is right and finally end the injustice that our Black brothers and sisters face every single day, but I can’t do that until we are at least willing to recognize our collective humanity. That will not happen while we are stuck up in our egos, obsessed with the self. So, Ego, if you are listening: Living from your soul and your heart will free you. It will make your life bigger and brighter than you ever dreamed. What could be more compelling than that?

Are you willing? Are you interested in living a life that is free and fulfilled and authentic and bigger and brighter? You probably have to spend some serious time alone. You probably have to tune out the world. You probably would do well to get a journal and sit in discomfort. Sit in the silence. Introduce yourself to your soul. Be willing. Be open. And eventually, you will meet it. I won’t have to tell you how it will happen because you’ll know.

And then I hope you can come back and join us. I hope you take a look around, and I hope you understand. I hope you see the injustice, and while I don’t wish heartbreak on anyone, I know if you have really put your heart first, that is exactly what you will experience. Then, when your heart is broken, you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to take the light that you found within you, let it guide you, and shine it on the broken systems and beliefs that so desperately need your healing.

I’m asking you once and for all to put your ego in the backseat. Do it for yourself first if you must; the truth is it doesn’t matter. The goal is still the same. We need your soul and we need your light, because no matter what your ego and your mind are telling you, injustice is heartbreaking, and we can do something about it.