Instead Of Searching For Love, It’s Time To Actually Live


Stop with the swiping, the online dating apps, and the bar hopping in hopes of finding your prince charming. Stop with the waiting around, the whining about being #foreveralone, and the constant need for attention.

I know it’s easy to see posts about weddings on Facebook and to immediately feel jealous. I know it’s easy to see couple pictures on Instagram and immediately wanting to bang your head against the wall.

But, your time will come.

Your time will come to feel those butterflies. To blush from his smile. To exchange “I love you’s”. To hold hands. To have sleepovers. To accept a proposal. To exchange “I do’s”. To finally fall in love. And have it not end.

But, it’s not your time to find love yet. It’s not your time to even look. It’s their time to be happily in love. It’s their time to get engaged. It’s their time to be high on their significant other.

But just because it’s other peoples time, does not mean it’s yours. Maybe just maybe, this is your time to live. To stop searching. To stop looking.

Maybe it’s time to see what else there is that the world can offer you.

Trust that one day, when you are least expecting it, you’ll meet the right person for you. But in the meantime, wake the f*** up. Smell the summer air. Stop and look at your surroundings. Really taste that cup of coffee you have each morning. Take a walk and really look at your neighborhood. Relish in the feeling of just cleaned sheets. Savor that cup of iced cold water. Observe the hustle and bustle of your city. People watch.

Stop wasting your life, lying in your bed, and looking at other peoples lives. This is your life. This is your world. This is your experience. So, it’s time to actually make some. Make some memories. Cherish some moments. It’s time to be in the present moment. And to be grateful for just that.

Stop wanting more things, and wanting more things for your future. What about the now? What about what you want in this exact moment? Don’t forget where you are at this time. Don’t let worries about the future, take away from the present moment.

Live vividly. Don’t walk blindly through every activity you experience. Live boldly. Embrace the scary moments. The sad ones. The exhilarating times. And the happy ones.

There’s so much more to life that you haven’t even experienced yet. There’s so much more to life than just to live with another human being. You’ve got time. You’ve got your chance. And it’s going to come. But, in the meantime, live your life. Cherish it. Treasure where you are right now. Stop all the searching sweet soul. Let’s live life like we are supposed to.