Intelligent People Are Land, Idiots Are Water


Trivial things used to kill my mood. And by trivial things, I mean perverts on the streets who think catcalling me will make me blush in a good way, politicians who are so dumb you’d wonder why they even exist, people who don’t understand mental health—things that may be insignificant to other people, but enough to leave me depressed for a day or two.

Now, when these things come knocking on my door, I smile.

I have had many unfortunate encounters with fuck faces. One time, I dyed my hair blonde because I felt like it. Surprisingly, this made perverts think that my blonde hair is a free pass to a kinky fuckery. I would tell my boyfriend I’ve had enough, but then he would always counter my arguments with his favorite point: if you don’t want them to disrespect you, don’t dye your hair.

What the fuck, right? I wasn’t even baring my legs when an ugly old beast touched them in public because he was captivated by my ethereal beauty (LOL).

My boyfriend’s point: that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing you can do about it.

My point: fuck you all stupid creatures with a small hot dog between your legs.

I also used to share long posts on social media and write blog entries about stupid politicians who are too bad to be true. These people just can’t seem to understand that women are human too and killing innocent people is immoral. Tell me, reader, am I wrong to hate those politicians?

Here’s the thing: one day, I posted a 200-word Facebook status about this misogynist-slash-sexist-slash-immoral politician and my dad told me that I shouldn’t waste my time with those shits. That I was just stressing myself for stupid little reasons.

What the hell, right? I told him “okay” but I secretly hated him for being one of the reasons why this world sucks. If people would continue to ignore these “stupid little reasons” and let those monsters rule the world, we’re hopeless. We’re doomed.

My father’s point: that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing you can do about it.

My point: cowards should go to hell because their tiny minds will be of no use when the zombies come

And then there’s my best friend who lives on the other side of the globe. She’s my sistah from another mothah and she knows everything about me—yes, including my frustrations. Whenever depression swallows us whole, we find comfort in knowing that people do stupid things because, well, they’re stupid.

One day, she told me that I should not let those trivial things get the best of me. After all, intelligent people are land and idiots are water. No matter how we baby our idealist selves by dreaming about a goody goody world, intelligent people can never outnumber idiots.

My best friend’s point: that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing you can do about it.

My point: oh my gooood you’re right why didn’t u tell me this b4

There. Intelligent people are land, idiots are water—this changed my perspective in life. And judging by how things are going, I think that, as the saying goes, I know too much psychology because I now understand everyone’s reasons for doing everything. Big props to you, bestie.