Bare feet scamper over cold tile;
the pitter-patter of urgency
to get back to the couch.
To him.

Candlelight hazes from open flames
strategically placed around the living room.

They’re pressed together
under the scratchy wool blanket
with nothing between them but clothes.

Breath fogs from their mouths
as they murmur over the playlist
he saved for this moment.
For her.

Fizzing ginger ale goes flat
and tomato sauce crusts in half-eaten bowls,
forgotten on the coffee colored table.

Fate, gravity and passionate conversation
pull them closer.

Two months of falling
have built to this moment.
Her lips land ever so delicately.
On his.

His breathing on her face.
His trembling hands rest on her back.

Her smile on his mouth,
her tickling curls fall on his neck.

With closed eyes and guards let-down,
their heartbeats converse.

They pull apart for the first time
and his brown eyes connect.
with hers.