Is A One-Night Stand Actually Going To Be Fun?


Is a one-night stand fun?

Yes. Hypothetically.

One-night stands should be really fun, at least in theory.

Being physical with someone you don’t know anything about. No beginning, no ending. Just that. Body on body, hands on waistline, lips sensing. Hot stuff.

The point of it is you don’t know anything about this person and they don’t know anything about you. And you don’t need to.

They can be your typical girl next door. They can be your bad boy in a leather jacket with the sexy beard. They can be your long legged brunette with those assets that always look perfect in tight jeans, or the quarterback guy that appears all rough and masculine but turns out to be a total sweetheart.

They can be the person you always notice at the bookstore but never say hi to, the one with deep, clear eyes, looking like they’re bearing the sorrow of this whole world that makes them both untouchable and irresistible. Also irresistible in bed, you bet so.

Even you. You can be irresistible too. You can be the person you can never be at school, at work, at the dinner table with your parents, your buddies, or your best mates. You can be anyone and literally anyone. You can tell your stories, play out your fantasies, let the instincts in you take lead.

You can switch off all the complicated rationale, throw morality out of the window and stop worrying about what’s right and wrong to say because anything you say is all part of the fun. You can finally shut off your annoying inner monologue and just dive in the moment.

No need to say much, just enjoy its purity and humanity. Stretch out your hand and touch their stomach. Trace your fingers from their jaw line down to their thighs, press gently onto the skin and feel the heat. Then breathe. Can you hear it? Breathing, heart beating. That tug between your legs that gradually takes over you. Now you lean in, you let loose, you be free.

That’s how you spend a good night with a stranger, having the right amount of physical intimacy you crave, which is good for your health. No strings attached, no complications, just a warm body that’s all for yourself. Self-esteem is intact, feelings are irrelevant. Then when you wake up, you go on with your life as normal, feeling all energized and happy like nothing happens.

Except that in real life, you can’t isolate this experience from your daily self. Everything has consequences, feelings can be caught and there is always a morning after.

Imagine a simple version of it.

Either you are the one who walks down the busy morning street in last night clothes, or when you open your eyes, they’re still there, in your bed, all naked, just not the way you would like it to be.

It’s past 10 am and they still don’t get up while you start to get back to reality and freak the hell out about all the risks possible.

You also freak out about this face which doesn’t exactly look like the one you had seen before 2 shots last night and especially the fact that you don’t know anything about this person and they don’t know anything about you.

So, as a complete stranger lies on your bed and makes you wonder why you have to put up with their snoring, you realize how bad you are at making excuses to kick people out without being awkward.

But then somehow two days later you are suddenly not sure if you really want them to be gone or not and you find yourself staring at your silent phone waiting for a notification.

That’s how you know you’re fucked.

Or, perhaps you have done this routine so many times that you just feel completely meh.

Now these are the bits not included in our hypothetical perfect world which perhaps you should consider before your real life encounter.

That being said, everything has its high and low, good and bad—it’s a natural part of life. At the end of the day, I suppose, it all comes down to one’s own priorities and way of life.

What’s better? What’s more important? What’s worth more than what? It’s your own business, not anyone else’s. These are the questions for you, and only you, to answer so that you can decide for yourself if it would be fun or not in action.