Is Feminism Actually Fascism?


Guys, I’m in a bit of an ideological bind these days. As a proud American woman, I like to identify as a feminist. I believe that women should have equal protection under the law, I believe that a woman is due equal pay for equal work, and I believe a woman should have complete autonomy when it comes to her reproductive rights. But, more and more, I’m beginning to worry about feminism as a whole. I’m beginning to worry that feminism is in fact not an egalitarian philosophy whose stated and apparent purpose is to advance the cause of universal freedom. I’m beginning to see it for what it truly is – fascism.

Many others have pointed out the similarities between modern feminism and fascism, and you don’t have to be rocket scientist Wernher von Braun to recognize an evil fascist ideology when you see it. For starters, they both start with the letter F, they both end in ism, and they both involve bizarre haircut choices in their respective praxes.

Fascism finds its roots in an alienated majority, and from that, it creates a strong external identity that is readily available to internally weak individuals. In Germany, the worker was celebrated as a sort of folksy, blue collar hero that defined the nation and ethnicity more than the aristocracy or the intelligentsia that actually contributed to the aesthetic of the culture. Feminism works similarly by taking America’s identity away from the Blue Collar Comedy tour and Monster Jam, rejecting the art of rape jokes, and attempting to replace national pride in intellectuals like Glenn Beck with respect and empathy for oppressed groups such as black teenagers who were murdered for skittles.

Fascism then further unites the disillusioned majority by reinforcing that external identity with symbols. The individual is indoctrinated through immersion in fascist imagery. In Nazi Germany this was the swastika –the adoption and display of which became ubiquitous in lockstep with the Nazi party’s rise to power. This is without a doubt, the telltale sign of a budding fascist state – the sacrifice of individuality in exchange for a place within the symbol. You stand for the flag as much as the flag stands for you, and you abandon not only your desire to think for yourself, but your ability to. Feminists most certainly know this, which is why they choose no symbol at all. They know that if there was a symbol for feminism, their fascist plans would be quite obvious, so instead, they allow their ideology to have a fluid definition and emphasize feminism’s goal to work for the individual rather than vice versa. Clever, feminists, but I’m not falling for it.

Fascism then plays on fear, and decides upon a scapegoat. In Nazi Germany, this was the country’s Jewry. The key to effective scapegoating relies on two factors, widespread propaganda and minimal representation of the scapegoated group in the public purview. Jews, while much larger in numbers prior to the holocaust, were still a significant minority in Europe prior to the rise of fascism. When the state controlled the nationalized media, much like the feminists control the comments sections on websites dedicated to feminists and maintained by feminists, they had the power to silence voices that poked holes in their caricatures of the Jewish people. Just like how it’s impossible now to get a bunch of upvotes as an MRA in the comments section on Jezebel, Jews in Nazi Germany had little power to combat the state’s misinformation campaign.

Feminists on the other hand, instead of choosing an easy and familiar scapegoat like the Jews, or any minority at all, chose white men. White men were most likely selected because pinning the blame on the most visible cohort of people in the entire world, who also invented fascism themselves, is much more difficult than simply assigning blame to an already oppressed group. Feminists chose white men as their scapegoat specifically because they knew that if they were to blame their problems on an oppressed minority, their fascism would again be obvious. Blaming a historically oppressive and politically powerful group for actions that are demonstrably apparent and empirically evident is just a ploy to distract us from what would normally be considered blatant scapegoating if it were founded on baseless accusations. Again, nice try feminists, I’m not falling for it.

The next step towards totalitarianism in a fascist regime is the expansion of police power and the creation of an extrajudicial secret police force. In Nazi Germany, this was the gestapo. Here in post-Rugrats America, most feminists tend to side with libertarian groups in their denunciation of unconstitutional and oppressive police forces. Is this because they actually oppose police brutality, abuses of power, and violations of due process? Of course not. They just want you to think that. They actually support the idea of a violent police state. This was made clear with their creation of, and subsequent denial of, the knockout game. It won’t be long before the streets are filled with roving black teens, out to enact justice on anyone they deem to be a gamer or a Bitcoin enthusiast. The courts will be the sidewalks, the judge and jury, in turn, represented by the tightly bound fists of a secret invisible minority. One day you’ll be posting on OKCupid about how you’re a nice guy, and the next day you’ll be at home with a black eye, punished for simply expecting pussy in exchange for your time. Brown shirts are now black faces, and secret prisons are now the friend zone.

Evidently, we need to be afraid of feminists. We need to be afraid of all minority groups, really. White people need to band together, not as individuals, but as a collective group, defined by our patriotism, American flag lapel pins, our hatred of a Black president, and our adherence to strict gender roles. We need to realize that the only way for us to truly be free, is to eliminate the groups that threaten our freedom by desiring their own. Luckily, white people are already the majority and we control the media, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. If we band together and create campaigns to defame and malign feminists, we can start shifting the conversation and create a stronger nation built on real values and real people.

Consequently, it seems clear that what we are left with is an ultimate question. Just what do we do about the feminist-fascist problem? Feminism is an equation that needs to be balanced, and for an equation to be balanced, it needs a solution – a final solution. I propose that we round up all of these fringe groups that are colluding to destroy American liberty, and simply eradicate them. When their thinking is tied to their individuality instead of an external identity that we’ve assigned to them, they’re thinking for themselves, and that’s extremely dangerous. Re-education of feminists is simply not enough, we need to round them up and exterminate them in the name of liberty and freedom.