Is ‘Inside: Chipotle’ A Documentary Or A 20 Minute Advertisement?


It is really easy to get lost in a sea of Netflix documentary choices when trying to find something to watch. There are documentary options ranging from political exploration, life in prison, and even fast food documentaries. Considering myself a Netflix connoisseur (like the rest of us) I like to watch at least one documentary per week, and being a huge fan of Chipotle deciding to watch Inside: Chipotle was an easy choice.

In the past, I have given recommendations to watch great documentaries like Indie Game: The Movie and Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but Inside: Chipotle left me a bit confused. Was this 22 minute piece on Chipotle a true documentary, or just a glorified advertisement? What really determines whether or not something is a documentary, and does it even matter?

The argument for Chipotle.

Humble beginnings. Inside: Chipotle covers a quick origin story about the early stages of the franchise. We know Chipotle as the powerhouse that it is today, but seeing how it first started will give you a sense of inspiration, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

If you already love Chipotle you’ll love this Netflix selection. Getting a chance to go behind the scenes in the Chipotle kitchen is really interesting to watch. Depending on how you view Chipotle, either as a fast food place or something a bit different, seeing the emphasis the company places on the freshness of ingredients is rather… refreshing.

Go inside the minds of the Chipotle brain trust.

One of the most interesting segments of Inside: Chipotle is the interview with the CEO. Understanding the brains behind this burrito empire really makes you see how their restaurant was destined to explode.

The argument against Inside: Chipotle

There is no objection. Throughout the entire documentary there are no objections, struggles, or negatives brought up about Chipotle. I am not saying there needs to be something negative in a documentary, it is more important to see how a company or the subject of a documentary responds to the negativity. Because there is no “dark side” of the business shown in Inside: Chipotle it causes you to question why?

22 minutes. From beginning to end Inside: Chipotle is 22 minutes long. This documentary barely scratches the surface about the inner working and true behind the scenes decision making of the franchise. It just is not really enough time to get an objective look at what Chipotle is all about. This seems more like a one-off TV informercial than an in-depth documentary.

Whether or not you consider Inside: Chipotle a documentary is up to you. The real question is whether or not it is worth watching. If you’re looking for a quick and light watch on one of your favorite restaurants this is a must watch. If you’re expecting heavy analysis into the inner workings of one of the fastest growing restaurant franchises you will be disappointed. Inside: Chipotle is definitely not one of the best documentaries on Netflix, but it is worth watching if you’re already a fan of the franchise.