Is It Okay To Hate Pigeons?


I punched a pigeon that was trying to fly through my window. Do you think God is angry, or is s(he) laughing? Does the fact that I’m a vegetarian balance it out?

Since nobody is perfect, is karma really just about doing as many evil deeds as good ones? Should I punch more pigeons? Is punching pigeons an evil deed or a good deed? What if I punch pigeons and save chickens???

I went vegetarian a year ago when I moved to India. I now live around the corner from a butcher, which helps. Every morning on my way to work I walk over a stream of blood and think of saving the creatures it comes from. Chickens. The butcher keeps them stuffed inside a woven basket with a woven top. They sleep, breathe, eat and shit this way.

Around 11 a.m. every day, he plucks out two brothers from another mother. One watches in horror, instead of running away while the other one squeals furiously for 5 to 10 seconds before its life is ended with a clean cut to the neck for all to witness conveniently on a side of the road concrete butcher block. ??One night I considered freeing the chickens as I was walking back home from work, but I decided they would probably just stand there in horror instead of running away or even if they did run away, a street dog would probably eat them. So I figured at the time, a clean cut to the neck is probably a better way to go. Which brings me to the realization that I won’t be able to save chickens to punch pigeons.?

?But I really want to punch pigeons. Is that okay? Is it normal behavior? In college, I had a friend who told me he kicked a pigeon. You have to understand my university had about 50,000 people, and possibly as many pigeons, which is very similar to India. And the thing is, when pigeons are around so many people, they aren’t scared of them; they won’t fly away like normal, intelligent, evolved birds do.

So logically, if you’re running and a pigeon isn’t moving out of your way, what are you supposed to do? Trip? Jump and most likely trip over the pigeon behind the pigeon you just jumped over? KICK THEM! Honestly I couldn’t believe he did this at the time, which means that at the time, I somehow found a way to not kick pigeons or punch them. But that reasoning is past me at the moment, and in fact I am telling you this kicking pigeon story to let you know that I am actually one of the nicer people in this world.

I use my hands instead of my legs (which are strong. I played soccer my whole life). However, even nice people have limits.??

Every morning I awake to the sound of a pigeon trying to make its way into my house by idiotically ramming itself into the tiny crack in my window that is right above the foot of my bed. So realistically speaking, there is no other way to make it stop trying, except to punch it. And it works. And I feel satisfied.

??The thing is, I really love animals, almost everything but pigeons. What do pigeons do? What do they stand for? Can they even stand, or do they just fall over? Do they kill annoying insects for us? Is their sh-t an essential ingredient in white-out? Are they the not-so-genetically-fortunate cousins of the dove? Do they spread more hate than love?

If everyone decided to hate pigeons instead of each other, would this world be a better place?

I think yes.

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image – Rajdeep Matharu