Is Modern-Day Feminism Just Another Celebration Of Masculinity?


What is feminism?

Is it the low-cut top? The regular one-night stand, after which you showed your partner the door because you are completely emotionally unattached and you want to ensure that he knows it? Is it your vocal expressions of frustration about men? Or your ability to lift as much as the men at the gym? Or your refusal to cook and do any household chores?

Feminism can be any, all, or none of these things.

Feminism is NOT, however, a charade of masculinity. It is the embracement of your femininity and a chuckle of pity at the poor narrow-minded souls who have a problem with Mother Nature giving you a vagina.

Sure, some ladies consider themselves to be more masculine than feminine, but this article is not targeted towards those who feel natural and comfortable when acting more masculine — I’m speaking to those ladies who feel pressure to act more “masculine” in order to gain respect.

Women are often so hung up on proving to men that they are equal to them that they don’t realize how contradictory that is.
 Think about it: if women try to be like men and spend their lives trying to prove that they can do everything that men do, aren’t they just boosting men’s egos and thus giving them more power?

After centuries of societal association of femininity with inferiority, women have begun trying to exhibit their strength by engaging in “masculine” tasks, which only makes it look like they have fallen into the trap of actually believing that they are inferior (either consciously or subconsciously) and acknowledging masculinity as being superior to femininity.

Instead of trying to mimic men, women should just focus on whatever they WANT to do, not whatever they feel they HAVE to do for the sake of proving that they are worthy of living on this planet.

Guess what, girls? You’ve had the right to do what you want since you’ve been conceived, regardless of what some men or laws will say. So, instead of changing your whole lifestyle, all you need to do is own your right. If you do, men will eventually learn to respect what you do, regardless of how “feminine” it is, and if they don’t, then just let them crawl back into their man cave alone.

But what does it mean to “own your right to do what you want”?


If you like cooking, then by all means, cook! Do you like to sew? Go ahead, make a sweater! Do you actually enjoy cleaning and organizing? Great, don’t hesitate to keep the house tidy! Oh, you can only run one mile, but the guy next to you is on his third? So what? You’re exercising, that’s all that matters.

I think you can see where I’m going here.

All of the traditional female gender roles are just as important and respectable as the traditional masculine gender roles — a few jerks in history just convinced society to think otherwise. (As great as the Suffrage movement was, there shouldn’t have been a need for it in the first place.)

The reason for the evolution of the stereotypical enraged, intense feminists is the lack of confidence that women have allowed themselves to have for centuries.

If housewives who are housewives by choice collectively stood up and said something like, “I WANT TO DO THIS. IT IS MY CHOICE AND I’M DOING IT BECAUSE I’M STRONG ENOUGH TO DO IT” instead of meekly standing by and speaking only when spoken to by their big-shot husbands, then maybe society would appreciate femininity instead of trampling on it.

It’s true, men are naturally more capable of handling tougher physical tasks and their brains have been shown to be better wired for spatial reasoning and math, but how is that more admirable than being able to run a household or paying close attention to important details, which is something women are generally better at doing?

Some people seem to think that one DOES matter more than the other, which is why by being proud of whatever tasks you, as women, do, you can show them that there’s no such thing as superiority between genders. We hear phrases like “be who you want to be” and “you can do anything you put your mind to” all the time, but how often do we follow that wise advice?

You should make whatever choices you come across in your life because you WANT to make them, not because you feel pressured into making them. 

THAT is true feminism.

It’s okay to be a woman. Now let’s help society see that, too.

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