Is This The Funniest, Most Viral Tampon Ad In The History Of Tampon Advertising?


HelloFlo is a woman-friendly company that allows women to “get their flow on” with a minimum of discomfort.

They recently released an ad clocking in at 2:20 called “First Moon Party.” It details the travails of a young girl just on the cusp of puberty who’s jealous that other girls her age have already gotten their periods, so she fakes her first menstrual stains by drawing them with red nail polish. Her mother, angry that her daughter has tried to deceive her, throws a “First Moon Party” ostensibly to celebrate the young girl’s ascent into adulthood, but her secret intent is to torture and humiliate her daughter for lying to her in the first place.

Despite the sadistic undercurrent of purposeful mother-on-daughter humiliation, reviewers are calling this the funniest tampon ad in history. It is also blowin’ up like a highly absorbent tampon—it took only about a week for this short film to get 20 million views on YouTube.