It Hurts That I Don’t Love You Anymore


Whenever we pass by each other, though we are like strangers with polite smiles on our faces, our pain is still collecting in our lungs, our bodies are still aching for each other, to bask in each other’s presence,

Do you promise that no matter what, we won’t ever forget this, I asked you once on a Saturday afternoon,

I had kissed you all morning, but it was never enough, I haven’t forgotten, though I have to pretend I did,

Nothing hurts more than not being able to love someone you cannot stop loving,

Forget it, forget what happened, forget what did not happen,

It was real, it was real, the things you felt were real, I keep telling myself that on repeat.

Can I manage to erase these scars in my mind from your memories?

Can I last longer in this race against time?

Forget it, forget it, I wish I could,

I saw you standing alone in the crowd, looking back at me, and just for one moment, nothing was wrong, I think we went back in time for a second,

But it snapped, the thread snapped,

We’re back, we’re back in reality,

And we’re not in love.