It Is Time For Me To Let You Go


For a long while now, I’ve believed that what I did was out of love. For a long while now, I’ve tried my best, tiptoeing around your every move wanting to please you, wanting to love you the way you desired.

You never asked for anything more than for me to be myself. You loved me, just the way I was. You said our story would be different, that you’d treasure me no matter what I did for all I had to be was myself. When we were together, you were all I saw. Sitting beside you became my greatest joy. The thought of being a part of your life and you a part of mine, that was all I had wanted.

Someone who made the day pass so easily, someone who’s love was not distracted for it seemed that all we needed was each other. Time would pass, and I would fall deeper and deeper for you. You knew I loved you, you knew I cared for you even when I had doubted yours. Drifting between the waters I floated in and out of your love. No, you love me, your words show it. Your constant reminders act as your love for me. Your greeting in the morning, reminds me that I’m loved. Your voice that beckons me, demonstrates your love.

Your aloof reassurance tells me so, after all, are we not together? The love you had with her has ended, I know for you told me so. Her things, scattered around your room does not affect me for you said you love me. Her name on that empty canvas means nothing but a past you once had together… no?

I love you, but my love for you had made me mute. The memory of our laughs drown to a deafening silence. My fading smile looks to our last conversation as you call me ‘babe’. Time pass as I continue to stand in stillness where you had left me. My heart bleeds as I wait for you. Indeed it is time for me to move on, for perhaps fear had long consumed me before I could truly come to love you.