It Is Time To Give Gratitude To Those Who Help Us Grow


It is easy to be angry at those who have forced us to grow; at the people who pushed us away, who left without a word, and those who ceased to love us without a reason. It is easy to be angry at those who decided we were not worth the work.

It is harder to love those who mistreat you.

It is easy to let the apathy of others seep into our minds and ultimately, our daily routine. To allow ourselves to believe that we cannot do whatever needs to be done. When all we need to do is stay in our ‘discomfort zone’ a little longer to conquer the fear; to overcome the obstacles that life so mercilessly throws our way each and every day.

It is harder to have hope when a situation seems hopeless.

It is easy to love those who have always been there for us throughout our wins, our losses, and the worst days of our lives – cheering us on, buying us cartons of ice cream to fill our tears with, and to binge-watch our favorite romantic comedies while we mend our hearts, and it is even easier to forget to thank them for it.

It is harder to be vulnerable when there is a very real chance that you could be hurt.

It is easy to forget to thank yourself; for being strong and allowing ourselves to be weak. For asking for help, even when we feel as if we are being a burden and for allowing others to come alongside us to help carry our heaviest of burdens.

It is harder to appreciate your strengths when you feel as if your flaws are too numerous to count.

There, of course, will be a time to let the anger you hold inside you – out, a time to be honest with ourselves and others, and to be imperfectly upset with the way our lives are or how they were or what we think they will be.

There is a time for everything and today, it is time to give gratitude to those who help us grow. The naysayers, the endlessly supportive, and even the apathetic.

It is time to celebrate the ones who said you wouldn’t, said you couldn’t, and said you shouldn’t. Because, you did. You defied their expectations and maybe even your own. You stayed true to yourself – even through the opposition and the pain. Even when you wanted to quit and felt like all your work was in vain.

It is time to lift up those who said you could, said you would, and said you should.
Because, you did. You refused to put a wall up and graciously opened your heart to their wise advice, their compliments, and maybe even their homes. You said, “yes,” to love, to uncertainty, and at times, to a blind optimism.

It is time to give gratitude to yourself. For pushing through with gritted teeth and seemingly endless nights. For being brave and being willing to be perceived as wrong, stupid, and even a little crazy.

It is time to remember that because of the haters, the lovers, and those who decide to live in-between the two – you chose to do what was hard. Because of them, you chose to follow a path that is holistically yours.